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7 novembre 2016

Nouvelle publication de l’équipe de Valérie SCHINI-KERTH

Endothelial microparticles from acute coronary syndrome patients induce premature coronary artery endothelial cells ageing and thrombogenicity : role of the Ang II/AT1 receptor/NADPH oxidase-mediated activation of MAPKs and PI3-kinase pathways. Abbas M, Jesel L, Auger C, Amoura LK, Messas N, Manin G, Rumig C, León-González AJ, Ribeiro TP, Silva GC, Abou-Merhi R, Hamade E, Hecker M, Georg Y, Chakfe N, Ohlmann P, Schini-Kerth VB, Toti F, Morel O. Circulation 135, 280-296, 2017 (...)

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1er novembre 2016

Nouvelle publication de l’équipe d’Yves MÉLY

Acute accumulation of free cholesterol induces the degradation of perilipin 2 and Rab18-dependent fusion of ER and lipid droplets in cultured human hepatocytes. Makino A, Hullin-Matsuda F, Murate M, Abe M, Tomishige N, Fukuda M, Yamashita S, Fujimoto T, Vidal H, Lagarde M, Delton I, Kobayashi T. Mol Biol Cell 27, 3293-3304, 2016

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28 août 2016

Nouvelle publication de l’équipe d’Andrey KLYMCHENKO

Integrity of lipid nanocarriers in bloodstream and tumor quantified by near-infrared ratiometric FRET imaging in living mice. Bouchaala R, Mercier L, Andreiuk B, Mély Y, Vandamme T, Anton N, Goetz JG, Klymchenko AS. J Control Release 236, 57-67, 2016

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11 août 2016

Nouvelle publication de l’équipe d’Yves MÉLY

Discovery and structure-based optimization of 2-ureidothiophene-3-carboxylic acids as dual bacterial RNA polymerase and viral reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Elgaher WA, Sharma KK, Haupenthal J, Saladini F, Pires M, Real E, Mély Y, Hartmann RW. J Med Chem 59, 7212-7222, 2016

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12 juillet 2016

Nouvelle publication de l’équipe d’Yves MÉLY

Phospholipase Cβ1 induces membrane tubulation and is involved in caveolae formation. Inaba T, Kishimoto T, Murate M, Tajima T, Sakai S, Abe M, Makino A, Tomishige N, Ishitsuka R, Ikeda Y, Takeoka S, Kobayashi T. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113, 7834-7839, 2016

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