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Publication 2019

14 février 2019

S. AKRAM, X. WANG, T.F. VANDAMME, M. COLLOT, A.U. REHMAN, N. MESSADDEQ, Y. MELY & N. ANTON. Towards the formulation of stable micro and nano double emulsions through silica coating of internal water droplets. Langmuir 35, 2313-2325, 2019 IF 4.14 EQMELY-EQKLYM

C. BRONNER, M. ALHOSIN, A. HAMICHE & M. MOUSLI. Coordinated dialogue between UHRF1 and DNMT1 to ensure faithful inheritance of methylated DNA patterns. Genes 10, E65, 2019  IF 3.29  – EQMELY

M. COLLOT, P. ASHOKKUMAR, H. ANTON, E. BOUTANT, O. FAKLARIS, T. GALLI, Y. MELY, L. DANGLOT & A. KLYMCHENKO. MemBright : a family of fluorescent membrane probes for advanced cellular imaging and neuroscience. Cell. Chem. Biol. 26, 1-15, 2019 IF 5.59 EQMELY-EQKLYM

M. COLLOT, S. BOU, T.K. FAM, L. RICHERT, Y. MELY, L. DANGLOT & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. Probing polarity and heterogeneity of lipid droplets in live cells using a push–pull fluorophore. Anal. Chem. 91, 1928-1935, 2019 IF 6.03 EQMELY-EQKLYM

M. COLLOT, E. BOUTANT, M. LEHMANN & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. BODIPY with tuned amphiphilicity as a fluorogenic plasma membrane probe. Bioconjug. Chem. 30, 192–199, 2019  IF 4.42  EQMELY‑EQDONT-EQKLYM

K. JIANG, N. HUMBERT, K.K. SRIRAM, T. LEQUEU, Y.L. LIN, Y. MELY & F. WESTERLUND. Annealing of ssDNA and compaction of dsDNA by the HIV-1 nucleocapsid and Gag proteins visualized using nanofluidic channels. Q. Rev. Biophys. 52, e2, 1-10, 2019  IF 6.20  – EQMELY

M. MORI, M. DASSO LANG, F. SALADINI, N. PALOMBI, L. KOVALENKO, D. DE FORNI, B. PODDESU, L. FRIGGERI, A. GIANNINI, S. MALANCONA, V. SUMA, M. ZAZZI, Y. MELY & M. BOTTA. Synthesis and evaluation of bifunctional aminothiazoles as antiretroviral agents targeting the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein. ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2019 (accepté, sous presse)  IF 3.59  – EQMELY

A. NONAT, S. BAHAMYROU, A. LECOINTRE, F. PRZYBILLA, Y. MELY, C. PLATAS-IGLESIAS, F. CAMEREL, O. JEANNIN & L. CHARBONNIERE. Molecular upconversion in water in heteropolynuclear supramolecular Tb/Yb assemblies. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 141, 1568-1576, 2019  IF 13.61  – EQMELY

N. REIX, M. LODI, S. JANKOWSKI, S. MOLIÈRE, E. LUPORSI, S. LEBLANC, L. SCHEER, I. IBNOUHSEIN, J.C. BENABU, V. GABRIELE, A. GUGGIOLA, J.M. LESSINGER, M.P. CHENARD, F. ALPY, J.P. BELLOCQ, K. NEUBERGER, C. TOMASETTO & C. MATHELIN. A novel machine learning-derived decision tree including uPA/PAI-1 for breast cancer care. Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. 2019 (accepté, sous presse)  IF 2.99  – EQMELY

T. SYCH, T. SCHUBERT, R. VAUCHELLES, J. MADL, R. OMIDVAR, R. THUENAUER, L. RICHERT, Y. MELY* & W. ROMER*. GUV-AP : multifunctional FIJI-based tool for quantitative image analysis of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles. Bioinformatics 2019 (accepté, sous presse)  IF 8.56  – EQMELY

S. ZGHEIB, I. LYSOVA, E. REAL, O. DUKHNO, R. VAUCHELLES, H. ANTON & Y. MELY. Quantitative monitoring of Cytoplasmic Release of NCp7 proteins from individual HIV-1 viral cores during the early steps of infection. Sci. Rep. 9, 945, 2019  IF 4.61  – EQMELY