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Chargé de recherche (CR2) CNRS

Biophotonics Team

Office/Room : E 004-E 018

Telephone :(+33) +33 (0)3 68 85 42 66

E-Mail : mayeul.collot


Dr. Mayeul Collot

Chargé de recherches CNRS (CNRS researcher)

E-mail: mayeul.collot

Room : E 004 – E 018

Tel : (+33) (0)3 68 85 42 66



My research focuses on the development of molecular and nanostructured fluorescent probes based on different systems, which provide efficient fluorescent turn-on effects or spectral changes upon detection of cellular events (variation of pH, calcium concentration, reductive environment, ligand/receptor interaction, etc). I mainly developed calcium,1, 2, 3 pH4 and plasma membrane probes5 but I am also involved in project aiming at developing nano-sensors based on nanoparticles6 and new functionalizable polymeric fluorescent nanoparticles for bio-imaging and theranostic.7



I started studying biology and chemistry at the Université Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris VI) where I finally graduated in molecular chemistry. I started a PhD at the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Paris in 2004 on carbohydrate medicinal chemistry, more specifically in the synthesis of oligosaccharides. In 2008 I joined the Pr. Seeberger’s group as a postdoc (ETH Zürich and Max Planck Institute Berlin) where I worked on the automated synthesis of Glycocsaminoglycans and on multivalent carbohydrates systems. In 2010 I went back to Paris where I changed the topic of my research and where I started developing fluorescent probes and nanostructured sensors. In 2013, I obtained a CNRS researcher position in Strasbourg.


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