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Julien GODET

Maître de conférences - Praticien hospitalier UNISTRA/ HUS

Equipe Biophotonique des interactions moléculaires et cellulaires

Bureau/Salle : E 010-E 024

Telephone :(+33) +33 (0)3 68 85 41 83

Courriel : julien.godet



My publications in

- Viral RNA-chaperones

1. Godet J, Kenfack C, Przybilla F, Richert L, Duportail G & Mély Y. (2013) Site-selective probing of cTAR destabilization highlights the necessary plasticity of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein to chaperone the first strand transfer. Nucleic Acid Res.(in press) [IF2011=8.026]*

2. Batisse J, Guerrero S, Bernacchi S, Richert L, Godet J, Goldschmidt V, Mély Y,Marquet R, de Rocquigny H & Paillart JC. (2013) APOBEC3G impairs the multimerization of the HIV-1 Vif protein in living cells. J Virol (accepted) [IF2011=5.402]*

3. Godet J, Boudier C, Humbert N, Ivanyi-Nagy R, Darlix JL and Mély Y. (2012) Comparative nucleic acid chaperone properties of the nucleocapsid protein NCp7 and Tat protein of HIV-1. Virus Res.169(2):349-60 [IF2011=2.941]

4. Kanevsky I, Chaminade F, Chen Y, Godet J, René B, Darlix JL, Mély Y, Mauffret O, Fossé P. (2011) Structural determinants of TAR RNA-DNA annealing in the absence and presence of HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein. Nucleic Acid Res. 39(18) : 8148-62 [IF2011=8.026]*

5. Godet J, Ramalanjaona N, Sharma K, Richert L, de Rocquigny H, Duportail G, Mély Y. (2011) Specific implications of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid zinc fingers in the annealing of the Primer Binding Site complementary sequences during the obligatory plus strand transfer. Nucleic Acid Res. 39(18) : 6633-45 [IF2011=8.026]*

6. Darlix JL, Godet J, Ivanyi-Nagy R, Mauffret O, Mély Y. (2011) Flexible nature and specific functions of the HIV-1 Nucleocapsid protein J. Mol. Biol. 410(4):565-81 [IF2010=4.001]*

7. Godet J and Mély Y (2010) Biophysical studies of the nucleic acid chaperone properties of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein. RNA Biol, 7, 48-60. [IF2010=5.597]*

8. Fritz JV, Dujardin D, Godet J, Didier P, De Mey J, Darlix J, Mély Y and de Rocquigny H. (2010) HIV-1 Vpr oligomerization but not that of Gag directs the interaction between Vpr and Gag. J. Virol, 84, 1585-1596. [IF2010=5.189]*

9. Didier P, Godet J and Mély Y. (2009) Two-photon two-focus fluorescence correlation spectroscopy with a tunable distance between the excitation volumes. J Fluoresc, 19, 561-565. [IF2009=2.017]*

10. Avilov SV, Godet J, Piémont E and Mély Y. (2009) Site-specific characterization of HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein binding to oligonucleotides with two binding sites. Biochemistry, 48, 2422-2430. [IF2009=3.226]*

11. Grohmann D, Godet J, Mély Y, Darlix J and Restle T. (2008) HIV-1 nucleocapsid traps reverse transcriptase on nucleic acid substrates. Biochemistry, 47, 12230-12240. [IF2008=3.379]*

12. Godet J, de Rocquigny H, Raja C, Glasser N, Ficheux D, Darlix J and Mély Y. (2006) During the early phase of HIV-1 DNA synthesis, nucleocapsid protein directs hybridization of the TAR complementary sequences via the ends of their double-stranded stem. J. Mol. Biol, 356, 1180-1192. [IF2006=4.898]*

- Fluorescence

13. Maillot B, Lévy N, Eiler S, Crucifix C, Granger F, Richert L, Didier P, Godet J, Pradeau-Aubreton K, Emiliani S, Nazabal A, Lesbats P, Parissi V, Mely Y, Moras D, Schultz P, Ruff M. (2013) Structural and functional role of INI1 and LEDGF in the HIV-1 preintegration complex. Plos One 8(4), (in press) [IF2011=4.092]*

14. Rochel N, Ciesielski F, Godet J, Moman E, Roessle M, Peluso-Iltis C, Mély Y, Svergun DI, Moras D. (2011) Solution structure of three nuclear receptors heterodimers RXR/RAR, RXR/VDR and RXR/PPAR on DNA. Nat. Struct. Mol.Biol. 18(5), 564-70. [IF2010=13.685]*

15. Claudon P, Violette A, Lamour K, Decossas M, Fournel S, Heurtault B, Godet J, Mély Y, Jamart-Grégoire B, Averlant-Petit M et al. (2010) Consequences of isostructural main-chain modifications for the design of antimicrobial foldamers : helical mimics of host-defense peptides based on a heterogeneous amide/urea backbone. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl, 49, 333-336, 10.1002/anie.200905591. [IF2010=12.730]*

- Statistics and data analysis

16. Kiesmann M, Chanson JB, Godet J, Vogel T, Schweiger L, Chayer S, Kaltenbach G. (2013). The Movement Disorders Society criteria for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease dementia : their usefulness and limitations in elderly patients. J Neurol. [IF2012= 3.578]* (in press)

17. Lévy E, Godet J, Cribier B, Lipsker D (2013) Pseudolymphoma of the skin : Ambiguous terminology. A survey among dermatologists and pathologists. Ann Dermatol Vener. (French) [IF2012=0.716]* (in press)

18. Diesinger Y, Charles YP, Bouaka D, Godet J, Steib JP (2012). Preoperrative phlebography in anterior L4-L5 disc approach. Clinical experience about 63 cases. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 98(8):887-93 [IF2012=0.994]*

19. Janouskova H, Maglott A, Leger DY, Bossert C, Noulet F, Guerin E, Guenot D, Pinel S, Chastagner P, Plenat F, Entz-Werle N, Godet J, Martin S and Dontenwill M. (2012) Integrin 51 plays a critical role in resistance to temozolomide by interfering with the p53 pathway in high grade glioma Cancer Res. 72(14):3463-70 [IF2012=8.234]*

20. Robial N, Charles YP, Bogorin I, Godet J, Beaujeux R, Boujan F, Steib JP. (2012) Is preoperative embolization a prerequisite for spinal metastases surgical management ? Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 98(5):536-42 [IF2012=0.994]*

21. Jarfaut A, Gairard-Dory AC, Godet J, Bilger K, Berceanu A, Laplace A, Lioure B. (2012) Prospective evaluation ofa supersaturated calcium phosphate mouth rinse for prevention of mucositis after high dose chemotherapy and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. EJHP Practice 17(6), 48-51. [IF2012=-]*

22. Lutz V, Francès C, Bessis D, Cosnes A, Klüger N, Godet J, Sauleau E, Lipsker D. (2012) High frequency of genital lichen sclerosus in a prospective series of 76 patients with morphea. Arch Dermatol 148(1) : 24-8. [IF2012=4.231]*

23. Cosset EC, Godet J, Entz-Werlé N, Guérin E, Guenot D, Froelich S, Bonnet D, Pinel S, Plenat F, Chastagner P, Dontenwill M and Martin S. (2012) Involvement of TGFb pathway in the regulation of the a5b1 integrins by caveolin-1 in human glioblastoma. Int. J. Cancer 131(3):601-11. [IF2010=4.926]*

24. Bennouna-Greene V, Kremer S, Stoezel C, Christmann D, Schuster C, Durand M, Verloes A, Sigaudy S, Holder-Espinasse M, Godet J, Brandt C, Marion V, Danion A, Dietemann JL, Dollfus H. (2011) Hippocampal dysgenesis and variable neuropsychiatric phenotypes in patients with Bardet-Biedl syndrome underline complex CNS impact of primary cilia. Clin Genet 80(6), 523-31. [IF2010=2.942]*

(* IF from ISI Web of Knowledge Journal Citation Reports)