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Yves Mély is the winner of the 2017 Weber Award

Mise à jour 11 février 2017

Yves Mély is the winner of the 2017 Weber Award

The Gregorio Weber Award for Excellence in Fluorescence Theory and Applications" 2017 was attributed to Prof. Yves Mély. The award is named to the memory of Prof. Gregorio Weber who pioneered the developments in the theory and the application of fluorescence techniques to biology and biochemistry. This price is intended to recognize and honor distinguished investigators who gave significant and original contributions to the advancement and applications of fluorescence techniques. Yves Mély, professor of Biophysics at the faculty of Pharmacy of the university of Strasbourg and head of the LBP received this honor 2017 February 11th during the annual meeting of the American Biophysical Society. He gave a talk entitled « Dynamics of the replication of DNA methylation patterns revealed by advanced fluorescent nucleoside surrogates ».


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