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Publication 2017

19 octobre 2017

M. ABE & T. KOBAYASHI. Dynamics of sphingomyelin- and cholesterol-enriched lipid domains during cytokinesis. Methods Cell Biol. 137, 15-24, 2017  IF 1.31  – EQ1

W. ASHRAF, A. IBRAHIM, M. ALHOSIN, L. ZAAYTER, K. OUARARHNI, C. PAPIN, T. AHMED, A. HAMICHE, Y. MELY, C. BRONNER & M. MOUSLI. The epigenetic integrator UHRF1 : on the road to become a universal biomarker for cancer. Oncotarget 8, 51946-51962, 2017  IF 5.17  – EQ1

R. BOUCHAALA, N. ANTON, H. ANTON, T. VANDAMME, J. VERMOT, D. SMAIL, Y. MELY & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. Light-triggered release from dye-loaded fluorescent lipid nanocarriers in vitro and in vivo. Colloid Surf. B-Biointerfaces 156, 414-421, 2017  IF 3.89  EQ1-EQ4

O. DUKHNO, F. PRZYBILLA, M. COLLOT, A. KLYMCHENKO, V. PIVOVARENKO, M. BUCHNER, V. MUHR, T. HIRSCH & Y. MELY. Quantitative assessment of energy transfer in upconverting nanoparticles grafted with organic dyes. Nanoscale 9, 11994-12004, 2017  IF 7.37  EQ1-EQ4

D. FRATH, P. DIDIER, Y. MELY, J. MASSUE & G. ULRICH. Vectorization and intracellular distribution of a two photon-absorbing, Near Infra-Red (NIR) emitting π-extended boranil dye. ChemPhotoChem 1, 109-112, 2017  IF n.a.  – EQ1

A. GHOSE, O. MALTSEV, N. HUMBERT, L. HINTERMANN, Y. ARNTZ, P. NAUMOV, Y. MELY & P. DIDIER. Oxyluciferin derivatives : a toolbox of environment-sensitive fluorescence probes for molecular and cellular applications. J. Phys. Chem. B. 121, 1566-1575, 2017  IF 3.19  EQ1-EQ4

V. KILIN, K. GAVVALA, N.P. BARTHES, B.Y. MICHEL, D. SHIN, C. BOUDIER, O. MAUFFRET, V. YASHCHUK, M. MOUSLI, M. RUFF, F. GRANGER, S. EILER, C. BRONNER, Y. TOR, A. BURGER & Y. MELY. Dynamics of methylated cytosine flipping by UHRF1. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139, 2520-2528, 2017 IF 13.04  – EQ1

M. KINOSHITA, K. SUZUKI, N. MATSUMORI, M. TAKEDA, H. ANO, K. MORIGAKI, M. ABE, A. MAKINO, T. KOBAYASHI, K. HIROSAWA, T. FUJIWARA, A. KUSUMI & M. MURATA. Raft-based sphingomyelin interactions revealed by new fluorescent sphingomyelin analogs. J. Cell Biol. 216, 1183-1204, 2017  IF 7.95  – EQ1

A. MAKINO, M. ABE, R. ISHITSUKA, M. MURATE, T. KISHIMOTO, S. SAKAI, F. HULLIN-MATSUDA, Y. SHIMADA, T. INABA, H. MIYATAKE, H. TANAKA, A. KURAHASHI, C.G. PACK, R.S. KASAI, S. KUBO, N.L. SCHIEBER, N. DOHMAE, N. TOCHIO, K. HAGIWARA, Y. SASAKI, Y. AIDA, F. FUJIMORI, T. KIGAWA, K. NISHIBORI, R.G. PARTON, A. KUSUMI, Y. SAKO, G. ANDERLUH, M. YAMASHITA, T. KOBAYASHI, P. GREIMEL & T. KOBAYASHI. A novel sphingomyelin/cholesterol domain-specific probe reveals the dynamics of the membrane domains during virus release and in Niemann-Pick type C. Faseb J. 31, 1301-1322, 2017 IF 5.30 – EQ1

S. MATSUNAGA, H. SHIMIZU, T. YAMADA, T. KOBAYASHI & M. KAWAI. In Situ STM and vibrational study of nanometer-scale reorganization of a phospholipid monolayer accompanied by potential-driven headgroup digestion. Langmuir 2017 (accepté, sous presse)  IF 3.83  – EQ1

V.G. PIVOVARENKO, O. BUGERA, N. HUMBERT, A.S. KLYMCHENKO & Y. MELY. A toolbox of chromones and quinolones for measuring a wide range of ATP concentrations. Chem.-Eur. J. 23, 11927-11934, 2017  IF 5.32  EQ1-EQ4

K. PYRSHEV, S.O. YESYLEVSKYY, Y. MELY, A.P. DEMCHENKO & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. Caspase-3 activation decreases lipid order in the outer plasma membrane leaflet during apoptosis : a fluorescent probe study. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembr. 1859, 2123-2132, 2017  IF 3.50  EQ1-EQ4

M. SUMI, A. MAKINO, T. INABA, Y. SAKO, F. FUJIMORI, P. GREIMEL & T. KOBAYASHI. Photoswitchable phospholipid FRET acceptor : detergent free intermembrane transfer assay of fluorescent lipid analogs. Sci. Rep. 7, 2900, 2017  IF 4.26  – EQ1

K. TROFYMCHUK, A. REISCH, P. DIDIER, F. FRAS, P. GILLIOT, Y. MELY & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. Giant light harvesting nano-antenna for single molecule detection at ambient light. Nat. Photonics 2017 (accepté, sous presse)  IF 37.85  EQ1-EQ4

N. VOSNAKIS, M. KOCH, E. SCHEER, P. KESSLER, Y. MELY, P. DIDIER & L. TORA. Coactivators and general transcription factors have two dynamic populations dependent on transcription. Embo J. 36, 2710-2725, 2017  IF 9.79  – EQ1

L.P. WILHELM, C. WENDLING, B. VEDIE, T. KOBAYASHI, M.P. CHENARD, C. TOMASETTO, G. DRIN & F. ALPY. STARD3 mediates ER to endosome cholesterol transport at membrane contact sites. EMBO J. 36, 1412-1433, 2017  IF 9.79  – EQ1

N. YILMAZ, A. YAMAJI-HASEGAWA, F. HULLIN-MATSUDA & T. KOBAYASHI. Molecular mechanisms of the action of sphingomyelin-specific pore-forming toxin, lysenin (review). Semin. Cell Dev. Biol. 2017 (accepté, sous presse)  IF 6.61  – EQ1