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Publication 2016

3 avril 2017

A. ALAMGEER, P. CHABERT, M.S. AKHTAR, Q. JABEEN, J. DELECOLLE, D. HEINTZ, E. GARO, M. HAMBURGER, C. AUGER, C. LUGNIER, H.J. KIM, M.H. OAK & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Endothelium-independent vasorelaxant effect of a Berberis orthobotrys root extract via inhibition of phosphodiesterases in the porcine coronary artery. Phytomedicine 23, 793-799, 2016 IF 2.94 EQ2-EQ3

N. AUBERVAL, S. DAL, E. MAILLARD, W. BIETIGER, C. PERONET, M. PINGET, V. SCHINI-KERTH & S. SIGRIST. Eur. J. Nutr. 2016 (accepté, sous presse) – IF 3.24 – EQ3

C. AUGER, S. AMISSI, P.N. NGUYEN, P. CHABERT, N. IDRIS-KHODJA & V.B.SCHINI-KERTH. Potential of food and natural products to promote endothelial and vascular health (Review). J. Cardiovasc. Pharmacol. 68, 11-18, 2016 – IF 2.46 – EQ3

J. BOISRAME-HELMS, G. MEYER, S.E. DEGIRMENCI, M. BURBAN, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH, L. CYNOBER, J.P. DE BANDT, M. HASSELMANN & F. MEZIANI. "Immunonutrition" has failed to improve peritonitis-induced septic shock in rodents. PLoS One 11, e0147644, 2016IF 3.23 – EQ3

M. BURBAN, G. MEYER, A. OLLAND, F. SEVERAC, B. YVER, F. TOTI, V. SCHINI-KERTH, F. MEZIANI & J. BOISRAME-HELMS. An intravenous bolus of Epa : Dha 6 : 1 protects against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion-induced shock. Shock 46, 549-556, 2016IF 3.05 – EQ3

C. BOPP, C. AUGER, P. DIEMUNSCH & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. The effect of urapidil, an alpha-1 adrenoceptor antagonist and a 5-HT1A agonist, on the vascular tone of the porcine coronary and pulmonary arteries, the rat aorta and the human pulmonary artery. Eur. J. Pharmacol. 779, 53-58, 2016 IF 2.53 – EQ3

A.A. CONSTANTINESCU, M. ABBAS, M. KASSEM, C. GLEIZES, G. KREUTTER, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH, I.L. MITREA, F. TOTI & L. KESSLER. Differential influence of Tacrolimus and Sirolimus on mitochondrial-dependent signaling for apoptosis in pancreatic cells. Mol. Cell. Biochem. 418, 91-102, 2016 IF 2.61 – EQ3

Z. EL ASMAR, J. TERRAND, M. JENTY, L. HOST, M. MLIH, A. ZERR, H. JUSTINIANO, R.L. MATZ, C. BOUDIER, E. SCHOLLER, J.M. GARNIER, D. BERTACCINI, D. THIERSE, C. SCHAEFFER, A. VAN DORSSELAER, J. HERZ, V. BRUBAN & P. BOUCHER. Convergent signaling pathways controlled by LRP1 (Receptor-related Protein 1) cytoplasmic and extracellular domains limit cellular cholesterol accumulation. J. Biol. Chem. 291, 5116-5127, 2016 IF 4.57 EQ1-EQ3

X. DELABRANCHE, J.P. QUENOT, T. LAVIGNE, E. MERCIER, B. FRANCOIS, F. SEVERAC, L. GRUNEBAUM, M. MEHDI, F. ZOBAIRI, F. TOTI, F. MEZIANI & J. BOISRAME-HELMS. (on behalf to the Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis Network) Early detection of disseminated intravascular coagulation during septic shock : a multicentre prospective study. Crit. Care Med. 44, e930-e939, 2016 IF 7.42 – EQ3

C. GLEIZES, G. KREUTTER , M. ABBAS, M. KASSEM, A.A. CONSTANTINESCU, J. BOISRAMÉ-HELMS, B. YVER , L. KESSLER & F. TOTI. Beta cell membrane remodeling and procoagulant events occur in inflammation-driven insulin impairment : A GLP-1 receptor dependent and independent control. J. Cell. Mol. Med. 20, 231-242, 2016 IF 4.01 – EQ3

M. GIRARDEY, L. JESEL, U. CAMPIA, N. MESSAS, S. HESS, A. IMPERIALE, C. BLONDET, A. TRINH, P. OHLMANN & O. MOREL. Impact of malignancies in the early and late time course of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Circ. J. 80, 2192-2198, 2016 IF 4.12 – EQ3

S. KHEMAIS-BENKHIAT, N. IDRIS-KHODJA, T.P. RIBEIRO, G.C. SILVA, M. ABBAS, M. KHELOUFI, J.O. LEE, F. TOTI, C. AUGER & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. The redox-sensitive induction of the local angiotensin system promotes both premature and replicative endothelial senescence : preventive effect of a standardized crataegus extract. J. Gerontol. Ser. A-Biol. Sci. Med. Sci. 71, 1581-1590, 2016 IF 5.48 – EQ3

C. MULLER, N. MESSAS, P. PERRIN, J. OLAGNE, G. GAUTIER-VARGAS, N. COGNARD, S. CAILLARD, B. MOULIN & O. MOREL. Impaired P2Y12 inhibition by clopidogrel in kidney transplant recipients : results from a cohort study. BMC Nephrol. 17, 58 IF 2.29 – EQ3

A. OLLAND, J. REEB, A. LECLERQ, B. RENAUD-PICARD, P.E. FALCOZ, R. KESSLER, V. SCHINI-KERTH, L. KESSLER, F. TOTI & G. MASSARD. Microparticles : a new insight into lung primary graft dysfunction ? Hum. Immunol. 77, 1101-1107, 2016 IF 2.13 – EQ3

S.H. PARK, H.J. KIM, J.S. YOON, H.W. LEE, G.C. PARK, E. YI, G. YOON, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH & M.H. OAK. The effect of Quercus salicina leaf extracts on vascular endothelial function : role of nitric oxide. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 2016 (accepté, sous presse) IF 1.34 – EQ3

T.P. RIBEIRO, A.C. OLIVEIRA, L.G. MENDES-JUNIOR, K.C. FRANÇA, L.S. NAKAO, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH & I.A. MEDEIROS. Cardiovascular effects induced by northeastern Brazilian red wine : role of nitric oxide and redox sensitive pathways. J. Funct. Food. 22, 82-92, 2016 IF 3.57 – EQ3

A. STEIB, S.E. DEGIRMENCI, E. JUNKE, ASEHNOUNEK, M. FIGIER, C. PERICARD, S. ROHR, E. LETESSIER, L. BRUNAUD, M. VIX, F. ZOBAIRI, L. GRUNEBAUM & F. TOTI. Once versus twice daily injection of enoxaparin for thromboprophylaxis in bariatric surgery : effects on antifactor Xa activity and procoagulant microparticles : a randomized controlled study. Surg. Obes. Relat. Dis. 12, 613-621, 2016 IF 4.07 – EQ3

L. STIEL, X. DELABRANCHE, A.C. GALOSY, F. SEVERAC, F. TOTI, L. MAUVIEUX, F. MEZIANI & J. BOISRAME-HELMS. Neutrophil fluorescence : a new indicator of cell activation during septic shock–induced disseminated intravascular coagulation. Crit. Care Med. 44, e1132-e1136, 2016 IF 7.42 – EQ3

J. TABART, V. SCHINI-KERTH, J. PINCEMAIL, C. KEVERS, B. PIROTTE, J.O. DEFRAIGNE & J. DOMMES. The leaf extract of Ribes nigrum L. is a potent stimulator of the endothelial formation of NO in cultured endothelial cells and porcine coronary artery rings. J. Berry Res. 6, 277-289, 2016 IF n.a. – EQ3



Articles in peer-reviewed journals for staff recruited during the period 2011-2016, and produced before they joined the unit


M.J. SCHAAF, N. MEWTON, G. RIOUFOL, D. ANGOULVANT, G. CAYLA, N. DELARCHE, B. JOUVE, P. GUERIN, G. VANZETTO, P. COSTE, O. MOREL, F. ROUBILLE, M. ELBAZ, O. ROTH, F. PRUNIER, T.T. CUNG, C. PIOT, I. SANCHEZ, E. BONNEFOY-CUDRAZ, D. REVEL, C. GIRAUD, P. CROISILLE & M. OVIZE. Pre-PCI angiographic TIMI flow in the culprit coronary artery influences infarct size and microvascular obstruction in STEMI patients. J. Cardiol. 67, 248-253, 2016 IF 2.78 – EQ3

T. CASPAR, P. GERMAIN, S.E. GHANNUDI, O. MOREL, H. SAMET, A. TRINH, H. PETIT-EISENMANN, S. TALHA, M. FICHOT, L. JESEL & P. OHLMANN. Acute myocarditis diagnosed by layer-specific 2D longitudinal speckle tracking analysis. Echocardiography-J. Cardiovasc. Ultrasound Allied Tech. 33, 157-158, 2016 IF 1.25 – EQ3

T. CASPAR, S. EL GHANNUDI, M. OHANA, A. LABANI, A. LAWSON, P. OHLMANN, O. MOREL, M. DE MATHELIN, C. ROY, A. GANGI & P. GERMAIN. Magnetic resonance evaluation of cardiac thrombi and masses by T1 and T2 mapping : an observational study. Int. J. Cardiovasc. Imaging 33, 551-559, 2016 IF 1.88 – EQ3

G. LEIBUNDGUT, M. GICK, O. MOREL, M. FERENC, K.D. WERNER, T. COMBERG, R.P. KIENZLE, H.J. BUETTNER & F.J. NEUMANN. Discordant cardiac biomarker levels independently predict outcome in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. Clin. Res. Cardiol. 105, 432-440, 2016 IF 4.56 – EQ3

N. MENEVEAU, G. SOUTEYRAND, P. MOTREFF, C. CAUSSIN, N. AMABILE, P. OHLMANN, O. MOREL, Y. LEFRANCOIS, V. DESCOTES-GENON, J. SILVAIN, N. BRAIK, R. CHOPARD, M. CHATOT, F. ECARNOT, H. TAUZIN, E. VAN BELLE, L. BELLE & F. SCHIELE. Optical coherence tomography to optimize results of percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome : results of the multicenter, randomized DOCTORS study (Does Optical Coherence Tomography Optimize Results of Stenting). Circulation 134, 906-917, 2016 IF 17.20 – EQ3

N. MESSAS, T. CASPAR, L. JESEL, S. HESS, M. GIRARDEY, B. RADULESCU, M. ZUPAN, U. CRIMIZADE, H. KREMER, P. OHLMANN & O. MOREL. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy triggered by ischemic injury : When lateralmyocardial infarction precipitate apical ballooning syndrome. Int. J. Cardiol. 202, 858-860, 2016 IF 4.04 – EQ3