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Publication 2012

2 février 2015

M. ALHOSIN, A. IBRAHIM, T. SHARIF, J.P. GIES, C. AUGER & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Anti-neoplastic agent thymoquinone induces degradation of α and β tubulin proteins in human cancer cells without affecting their level in normal human fibroblasts. Invest. New Drugs 30, 1813-1819, 2012 – IF 2.80

R. ANDRIANTSITOHAINA, C. AUGER, T. CHATAIGNEAU, N. ETIENNE-SELLOUM, H. LI, M.C. MARTINEZ, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH & I. LAHER. Molecular mechanisms of the cardiovascular protective effects of polyphenols. Br. J. Nutr. 108, 1532-1549, 2012 – IF 3.76

T. BAHORUN, A. LUXIMON-RAMMA, V.S. NEERGHEN-BHUJUN, T.K. GUNNESS, K. GOOGOOLYE, C. AUGER, A. CROZIER & O.I. ARUMA. The effect of black tea on risk factors of cardiovascular disease in a normal population. Prev. Med. 54, S98-S102, 2012 – IF 3.92

S. DAL-ROS, C. BRONNER, C. AUGER & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Red wine polyphenols improve an established aging-related endothelial dysfunction in the mesenteric artery of middle-aged rats : role of oxidative stress. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 419, 381-387, 2012 – IF 2.47

X. DELABRANCHE, A. BERGER, J. BOISRAME-HELMS & F. MEZIANI. Microparticles and infectious diseases. Med. Mal. Infect. 42, 335-343, 2012 – IF 0.85

C. HERRERA SIKLÓDY, T. ARENTZ, J. MINNERS, L. JESEL, C. STRATZ, C.M. VALINA, R. WEBER, D. KALUSCHE, F. TOTI, O. MOREL & D. TRENK. Cellular damage, platelet activation and inflammatory response after pulmonary vein isolation : a randomized study comparing radiofrequency with cryoablation. Heart Rhythm 9, 189-196, 2012 – IF 4.51

N. IDRIS KHODJA, C. AUGER, E. KOCH & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Crataegus special extract WS(®)1442 prevents aging-related endothelial dysfunction. Phytomedicine 19, 699-706, 2012 – IF 3.24

N. IDRIS KHODJA, T. CHATAIGNEAU, C. AUGER & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Grape-derived polyphenols improve aging-related endothelia dysfunction in rat mesenteric artery : role of oxidative stress and the angiotensin system. PLoS ONE 7, e32039, 2012 – IF 4.01

N. IDRIS KHODJA & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Thymoquinone improves aging-related endothelial dysfunction in the rat mesenteric artery. Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Arch. Pharmacol. 385, 749-758, 2012 – IF 2.41

F. MOREAU, F. TOTI, F. BAYLE, T. BERNEY, H. EGELHOFER, M. CHASTRE, J. RICHARD, M. GREGET, D. MASSON, F. ZOBAIRI, P.Y. BENHAMOU & L. KESSLER. Rescue of a pancreatic islet graft after steroid therapy. Transplantation 93, e10-e11, 2012 – IF 3.58

M.H. OMAR, W. MULLEN, A. STALMACH, C. AUGER, J.M. ROUANET, P.L. TEISSEDRE, S.T. CALDWELL, R.C. HARTLEY & A. CROZIER. Absorption, disposition, metabolism and excretion of [3-14C]caffeic acid in rats. J. Agric. Food Chem. 60, 5205-5214, 2012 – IF 3.39

Y.D. RATTMAN, E. ANSELM, J.H. KIM, S. DAL-ROS, C. AUGER, O.G. MIGUEL, A.R.S. SANTOS, T. CHATAIGNEAU & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Natural product extract of Dicksonia sellowiana induces endothelium-dependent relaxations by a redoxsensitive Src- and Akt-dependent activation of eNOS in porcine coronary arteries. J. Vasc. Res. 49, 284-298, 2012 – IF 2.29

S. SCHANN, H. GRENEY, V. GASPARIK, M. DONTENWILL, C. RASCENTE, G. LACROIX, L. MONASSIER, V. BRUBAN, J. FELDMAN, J.D. EHRHARDT & P. BOUSQUET. Methylation of imidazoline related compounds leads to loss of α2-adrenoceptor affinity. Synthesis and biological evaluation of selective I1 imidazoline receptor ligands. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 20, 4710-4715, 2012 – IF 3.20

T. SHARIF, M. ALHOSIN, C. AUGER, C. MINKER, J.H. KIM, N. ETIENNE-SELLOUM, P. BORIES, H. GRONEMEYER, A. LOBSTEIN, C. BRONNER, G. FUHRMANN & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Aronia melanocarpa juice induces a redoxsensitive p73-related caspase 3-dependent apoptosis in human leukemia cells. PLoS ONE 7, e32526, 2012 – IF 4.01

E. WOLDT, J. TERRAND, M. MLIH, R.L. MATZ, V. BRUBAN, F. COUDANE, S. FOPPOLO, Z. EL ASMAR, M.E. CHOLLET, E. NINIO, A. BEDNARCZYK, D. THIERSE, C. SCHAEFFER, A. VAN DORSSELAER, C. BOUDIER, W. WAHLI, P. CHAMBON, D. METZGER, J. HERZ & P. BOUCHER. The nuclear hormone receptor PPARγ counteracts vascular calcification by inhibiting Wnt5a signalling in vascular smooth muscle cells. Nat. Commun. 3, 1077, 2012 – IF 11.02