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Publication 2012

2 février 2015

M. ALHOSIN, A. IBRAHIM, T. SHARIF, J.P. GIES, C. AUGER & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Anti-neoplastic agent thymoquinone induces degradation of α and β tubulin proteins in human cancer cells without affecting their level in normal human fibroblasts. Invest. New Drugs 30, 1813-1819, 2012 – IF 2.80

D. ALTSCHUH, H. BJÖRKELUND, J. STRANDGÅRD, L. CHOULIER, M. MALMQVIST K. ANDERSSON. Deciphering complex protein interaction kinetics using Interaction Map. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 428, 74-79, 2012 – IF 2.47

J. BELLIS, I. DULUC, B. ROMAGNOLO, C. PERRET, M.C. FAUX, D. DUJARDIN, C. FORMSTONE, S. LIGHTOWLER, R.G. RAMSAY, J.N. FREUND & J.R. DE MEY. The tumor suppressor gene APC controls planar cell polarities central to gut homeostasis. J. Cell. Biol. 198, 331-341, 2012 – IF 10.44

J. BRANTS, K. SEMENCHENKO, C. WASYLYK, A. ROBERT, A. CARLES, A. ZAMBRANO, K. PRADEAU-AUBRETON, C. BIRCK, J.A. SCHALKEN, O. POCH, J. DE MEY & B. WASYLYK. Tubulin tyrosine ligase like 12, a TTLL family member with SET- and TTL-Like domains and roles in histone and tubulin modifications and mitosis. PLoS ONE 7, e51258, 2012 – IF 4.01

E.C. COSSET, J. GODET, N. ENTZ-WERLE, E. GUERIN, D. GUENOT, S. FROELICH, D. BONNET, S. PINEL, F. PLENAT, P. CHASTAGNER, M. DONTENWILL & S. MARTIN. Involvement of the TGFβ pathway in the regulation of α5β1 integrins by caveolin-1 in human glioblastoma. Int. J. Cancer 131, 601-611, 2012 – IF 5.50

G. CREUSAT, A. MAGLOTT-ROTH, B. PONS, M. DONTENWILL, E. GUERIN, J.S. THOMANN, B. FRISCH & G. ZUBER. Pyridylthiourea-grafted polyethylenimine offers an effective assistance to siRNA-mediated gene silencing in vitro and in vivo. J. Control. Release 157, 418-426 2012 – IF 7.77

E. FAURE, F. GARROUSTE, F. PARAT, S. MONFERRAN, L. LELOUP, G. POMMIER, H. KOVACIC & M. LEHMANN. P2Y2 receptor inhibits EGF-induced MAPK pathway to stabilise keratinocyte hemidesmosomes. J. Cell Sci. 125, 4264-4277, 2012 – IF 6.01

H. JANOUSKOVA, A. MAGLOTT, D.Y. LEGER, C. BOSSERT, F. NOULET, E. GUERIN, D. GUENOT, S. PINEL, P. CHASTAGNER, F. PLENAT, N. ENTZ-WERLE, J. LEHMANN-CHE, J. GODET, S. MARTIN, J. TEISINGER & M. DONTENWILL. Integrin α5β1 plays a critical role in resistance to temozolomide by interfering with the p53 pathway in high grade glioma. Cancer Res. 72, 3463-3470, 2012 – IF 8.96

T. KERAVIS & C. LUGNIER. Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase (PDE) isozymes as targets of the intracellular signalling network : benefits of PDE inhibitors in various diseases and perspectives for future therapeutic developments. Br. J. Pharmacol. 165, 1288-1305, 2012 – IF 4.99

T. KERAVIS, F. MONNEAUX, I. YOUGBARÉ, L. GAZI, JJ. BOURGUIGNON, S. MULLER & C. LUGNIER. Disease progression in MRL/lpr lupus-prone mice is reduced by NCS 613, a specific cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE4) inhibitor. PLoS ONE 7, e28899, 2012 – IF 4.01

K. KOLLI-BOUHAFS, A. BOUKHARI, A. ABUSNINA, E. VELOT, J.P. GIES, C. LUGNIER & P. RONDÉ. Thymoquinone reduces migration and invasion of human glioblastoma cells associated with FAK, MMP-2 and MMP-9 down-regulation. Invest. New Drugs 30, 2121-2131, 2012 – IF 2.80

A.E. KÜMMERLE, M. SCHMITT, S.V.S. CARDOZO, C. LUGNIER, P. VILLA, A.B. LOPES, N.C. ROMEIRO, H. JUSTINIANO, M.A. MARTINS, C.A.M. FRAGA, J.J. BOURGUIGNON & E.J. BARREIRO. Design, synthesis, and pharmacological evaluation of N-acylhydrazones and novel conformationally constrained compounds as selective and potent orally active phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors. J. Med. Chem. 55, 7525-7545, 2012 – IF 5.50

S. MARTIN, H. JANOUSKOVA & M. DONTENWILL. Integrins and p53 pathways in glioblastoma resistance to temozolomide. Front. Oncol. 2, 157, 2012 – IF n.a.

S. OUEDRAOGO, N. SOME, S. OUATTARA, F.B. KINI, A. TRAORE, B. BUCHER & P.I. GUISSOU. Acute toxicity and vascular properties of seed of Parkia Biglobosa (JACQ) R.BR gift (Mimosaceae) on rat aorta. Afr. J. Tradit. Complement. Alt. M. 9, 260-265, 2012 – IF 0.95

G. PERROT, B. LANGLOIS, J. DEVY, A. JEANNE, L. VERZEAUX, S. ALMAGRO, H. SARTELET, C. HACHET, C. SCHNEIDER, E. SICK, M. DAVID, M. KHRESTCHATISKY, H. EMONARD, L. MARTINY & S. DEDIEU. LRP-1—CD44, a new cell surface complex regulating tumor cell adhesion. Mol. Cell. Biol. 32, 3293-3307, 2012 – IF 5.61

S. SCHANN, H. GRENEY, V. GASPARIK, M. DONTENWILL, C. RASCENTE, G. LACROIX, L. MONASSIER, V. BRUBAN, J. FELDMAN, J.D. EHRHARDT & P. BOUSQUET. Methylation of imidazoline related compounds leads to loss of α2-adrenoceptor affinity. Synthesis and biological evaluation of selective I1 imidazoline receptor ligands. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 20, 4710-4715, 2012 – IF 3.20

E. SICK, A. JEANNE, C. SCHNEIDER, S. DEDIEU, K. TAKEDA & L. MARTINY. CD47 update : a multifaceted actor in the tumour microenvironment of potential therapeutic interest. Br. J. Pharmacol. 167, 1415-1430, 2012 – IF 4.99

G. ZEDER-LUTZ, L. CHOULIER, M. BESSE, A. COUSIDO-SIAH, F.X. FIGUERAS, B. DIDIER, M.L. JUNG, A. PODJARNY & D. ALTSCHUH. Validation of SPR screening of a diverse chemical library for the discovery of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b binders. Anal. Biochem. 421, 417-427, 2012 – IF 2.75