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Publication 2010

2 février 2015

M. ALHOSIN, A. ABUSNINA, M. ACHOUR, T. SHARIF, C. MULLER, J. PELUSO, T. CHATAIGNEAU, C. LUGNIER, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH, C. BRONNER & G. FUHRMANN. Induction of apoptosis by thymoquinone in lymphoblastic leukemia Jurkat cells is mediated by a p73-dependent pathway which targets the epigenetic integrator UHRF1. Biochem. Pharmacol. 79, 1251-1260, 2010 – IF 4.77

C. AUGER, M. CHAABI, E. ANSELM, A. LOBSTEIN & V. SCHINI-KERTH. The red wine extract-induced activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase is mediated by a great variety of polyphenolic compounds. Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 54, S171-S183, 2010 – IF 5.10

C. AUGER, J.H. KIM, P. CHABERT, M. CHAABI, E. ANSELM, X. LANCIAUX, A. LOBSTEIN & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. The EGCg-induced redox-sensitive activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and relaxation are critically dependent on hydroxyl moieties. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 393, 162-167, 2010 – IF 2.47

S. DAL-ROS, M. OSWALD-MAMMOSSER, T. PESTRIKOVA, C. SCHOTT, N. BOEHM, C. BRONNER, T. CHATAIGNEAU, B. GENY & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Losartan prevents portal hypertension-induced, redox-mediated endothelial dysfunction in the mesenteric artery in rats. Gastroenterology 138, 1574-1584, 2010 – IF 12.95

F. GANSTER, M. BURBAN, M. de LA BOURDONNAYE, L. FIZANNE, O. DOUAY, L. LOUFRANI, A. MERCAT, P. CALES, P. RADERMACHER, D. HENRION, P. ASFAR & F. MEZIANI. Effects of hydrogen sulfide on hemodynamics, inflammatory response and oxidative stress during resuscitated hemorrhagic shock in rats. Crit. Care 14, R165, 2010 – IF 5.41

M.O. KANE, N. ETIENNE-SELLOUM, S.V.F. MADEIRA, M. SARR, A. WALTER, S. DAL-ROS, C. SCHOTT, T. CHATAIGNEAU & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Endothelium-derived contracting factors mediate the Ang II‑induced endothelial dysfunction in the rat aorta : preventive effect of red wine polyphenols. Pflügers Arch. - Eur. J. Physiol. 459, 671-679, 2010 – IF 3.61

B. LEVY, S. COLLIN, N. SENNOUN, N. DUCROCQ, A. KIMMOUN, P. ASFAR, P. PEREZ & F. MEZIANI. Vascular hyporesponsiveness to vasopressors in septic shock : from bench to bedside. Intensive Care Med. 36, 2019-2029, 2010 – IF 5.27

F. MEZIANI, X. DELABRANCHE, P. ASFAR & F. TOTI. Bench-to-bedside review : circulating microparticles—a new player in sepsis ? Crit. Care 14, 236, 2010 – IF 5.41

W. MOKNI, T. KERAVIS, N. ETIENNE-SELLOUM, A. WALTER, M.O. KANE, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH & C. LUGNIER. Concerted regulation of cGMP and cAMP phosphodiesterases in early cardiac hypertrophy induced by angiotensin II. PLoS ONE 5, e14227, 2010 – IF 4.01

M. NDIAYE, E. ANSELM, M. SENE, W. DIATTA, A.M. DIEYE, B. FAYE & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Mechanisms underlying the endothelium-dependent vasodilatory effect of an aqueous extract of Elaeis Guineensis Jacq. (Arecaceae) in porcine coronary artery rings. Afr. J. Tradit. Complement. Alt. M. 7, 118-124, 2010 – IF 0.95

J.M. ROUANET, K. DECORDE, D. DEL RIO, C. AUGER, G. BORGES, J.P. CRISTOL, M.E.J. LEAN & A. CROZIER. Berry juices, teas, antioxidants and the prevention of atherosclerosis in hamsters. Food Chem. 118, 266-271, 2010 – IF 3.87

V. SCHINI-KERTH, C. AUGER, J.H. KIM, N. ETIENNE-SELLOUM & T. CHATAIGNEAU. Nutritional improvement of the endothelial control of vascular tone by polyphenols : role of NO and EDHF. Pflügers Arch. - Eur. J. Physiol. 459, 853-862, 2010 – IF 3.61

T. SHARIF, C. AUGER, M. ALHOSIN, C. EBEL, M. ACHOUR, N. ETIENNE-SELLOUM, G. FUHRMANN, C. BRONNER & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Red wine polyphenols cause growth inhibition and apoptosis in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cells by inducing a redox-sensitive up-regulation of p73 and down-regulation of UHRF1. Eur. J. Cancer 46, 983-994, 2010 – IF 5.62

J.M. TOKOUDAGBA, C. AUGER, L. BREANT, S. N’GOM, P. CHABERT, N. IDRIS KHODJA, F. GBAGUIDI, J. GBENOU, M. MOUDACHIROU, A. LOBSTEIN & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Procyanidin-rich fractions from Parkia biglobosa (Mimosaceae) leaves cause redox-sensitive endothelium-dependent relaxation involving NO and EDHF in porcine coronary artery. J. Ethnopharmacol. 132, 246-250, 2010 – IF 3.28

A. WALTER, N. ETIENNE-SELLOUM, D. BRASSE, H. KHALLOUF, C. BRONNER, M.C. RIO, A. BERETZ & V.B. SCHINI-KERTH. Intake of grape-derived polyphenols reduces C26 tumor growth by inhibiting angiogenesis and inducing apoptosis. FASEB J. 24, 3360-3369, 2010 – IF 6.04

L. Xie, J. Terrand, B. Xu, G. Tsaprailis, J. Boyer & Q.M. Chen. Cystatin C increases in cardiac injury : a role in extracellular matrix protein modulation. Cardiovasc. Res. 87, 628-635, 2010 – IF 6.20