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Publication 2010

2 février 2015

K. AMARI, E. BOUTANT, C. HOFMANN, C. SCHMITT-KEICHINGER, L. FERNANDEZ-CALVINO, P. DIDIER, A. LERICH, J. MUTTERER, C. THOMAS, Y. MELY, A. MAULE & C. RITZENTHALER. A family of plasmodesmal proteins with receptor-like properties for plant viral movement proteins. PLoS Pathog. 6, e1001119, 2010 – IF 8.96

S. BAIXE, G. FAUXPOINT, Y. ARNTZ & O. ETIENNE. Microgap between zirconia abutments and titanium implants. Int. J. Oral Maxillofac. Implants 25, 455-460, 2010 – IF 2.48

C. BOUDIER, R. STORCHAK, P. DIDIER, A. FOLLENIUS-WUND, S. MULLER, J.L. DARLIX & Y. MELY. The mechanism of HIV-1 Tat-directed nucleic acid annealing supports its role in reverse transcription. J. Mol. Biol. 400, 487-501, 2010 – IF 3.79

E. BOUTANT, P. DIDIER, A. NIEHL, Y. MELY, C. RITZENTHALER & M. HEINLEIN. Fluorescent protein recruitment for demonstration and analysis of in vivo protein interactions. Plant J. 62, 171-177, 2010 – IF 7.53

M. BRELLIER, G. DUPORTAIL & R. BAATI. Synthesis of water-soluble nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) BODIPY dyes. Tetrahedron Lett. 51, 1269-1272, 2010 – IF 2.29

L. CHOULIER, V.V. SHVADCHAK, A. NAIDOO, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, Y. MELY & D. ALTSCHUH. A peptide-based fluorescent ratiometric sensor for quantitative detection of proteins. Anal. Biochem. 401, 188-195, 2010 – IF 2.75

P. CLAUDON, A. VIOLETTE, K. LAMOUR, M. DECOSSAS, S. FOURNEL, B. HEURTAULT, J. GODET, Y. MELY, B. JAMART-GREGOIRE, M.C. AVERLANT-PETIT, J.P. BRIAND, G. DUPORTAIL, H. MONTEIL & G. GUICHARD. Consequences of isostructural main-chain modifications for the design of antimicrobial foldamers : helical mimics of host-defense peptides based on a heterogeneous amide/urea backbone. Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 49, 333-336, 2010 – IF 11.70

X.J. FENG, P.L. WU, F. BOLZE, H.W.C. LEUNG, K.F. LI, N. K. MAK, D.W.J. KWONG, J.F. NICOUD, K.W. CHEAH & M.S WONG. Cyanines as new fluorescent probes for DNA detection and two-photon excited bioimaging. Org. Lett. 12, 2194-2197, 2010 – IF 5.72

F. FIORETTI, C. MENDOZA-PALOMARES, M. HELMS, D. AL ALAM, L. RICHERT, Y. ARNTZ, S. RINCKENBACH, F. GARNIER, Y. HAÏKEL, S.C. GANGLOFF & N. BENKIRANE-JESSEL. Nanostructured assemblies for dental application. ACS Nano 4, 3277-3287, 2010 – IF 13.77

J.V. FRITZ, D. DUJARDIN, J. GODET, P. DIDIER, J. de MEY, J.L. DARLIX, Y. MELY & H. de ROCQUIGNY. HIV-1 Vpr oligomerization and not that of Gag directs the interaction between Vpr and Gag. J. Virol. 84, 1585-1596, 2010 – IF 4.85

J.V. FRITZ, L. BRIANT, Y. MELY, S. BOUAZIZ & H. de ROCQUIGNY. HIV-1 viral protein R : from structure to function. Future Virol. 5, 607-625, 2010 – IF 1.03

J. GODET & Y. MELY. Biophysical studies of the nucleic acid chaperone properties of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein. RNA Biol. 7, 48-60, 2010 – IF 5.49

V. GOLDSCHMIDT, L.M. MILLER JENKINS, H. de ROCQUIGNY, J.L. DARLIX & Y. MELY. The nucleocapsid protein of HIV-1 as a promising therapeutic target for antiviral drugs. HIV Therapy 4, 179-198, 2010 – IF n.a.

V.J. GREINER, C. EGELE, S. ONCUL, F. RONZON, C. MANIN, A. KLYMCHENKO & Y. MELY. Characterization of the lipid and protein organization in HBsAg viral particles by steady-state and time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. Biochimie 92, 994-1002, 2010 – IF 3.35

M. GUERRINI, S. ELLI, D. GAUDESI, G. TORRI, B. CASU, P. MOURIER, F. HERMAN, C. BOUDIER, M. LORENZ & C. VISKOV. Effects on molecular conformation and anticoagulant activities of 1,6-anhydrosugars at the reducing terminal of antithrombin-binding octasaccharides isolated from low-molecular-weight heparin enoxaparin. J. Med. Chem. 53, 8030-8040, 2010 – IF 5.50

P.M. GUEYE, F. BERTRAND, G. DUPORTAIL & J.M. LESSINGER. Extracellular haemoglobin, oxidative stress and quality of red blood cells relative to perioperative blood salvage. Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. 48, 677-683, 2010 – IF 2.53

N. JAIN, Y. ARNTZ, V. GOLDSCHMIDT, G. DUPORTAIL, Y. MELY & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. New unsymmetrical bolaamphiphiles : synthesis, assembly with DNA, and application for gene delivery. Bioconjugate Chem. 21, 2110-2118, 2010 – IF 4.86

J. JANUS, G. FAUXPOINT, Y. ARNTZ, H. PELLETIER & O. ETIENNE. Surface roughness and morphology of three nanocomposites after two different polishing treatments by a multitechnique approach. Dent. Mater. 26, 416-425, 2010 – IF 4.46

A.S. KLYMCHENKO, S. FURUKAWA, T. BALANDINA, K. MÜLLEN, M. VAN DER AUWERAER & S. DE FEYTER. 2D analogues of the inverted hexagonal phase self-assembled from 4,6-dialkoxylated isophthalic acids at solid-liquid interfaces. Nanoscale 2, 1773-1780, 2010 – IF 6.92

O.A. KUCHERAK, P. DIDIER, Y. MELY & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. Fluorene analogues of prodan with superior fluorescence brightness and solvatochromism. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 1, 616-620, 2010 – IF 6.91

O.A. KUCHERAK, S. ONCUL, Z. DARWICH, D.A. YUSHCHENKO, Y. ARNTZ, P. DIDIER, Y. MELY & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. Switchable nile red-based probe for cholesterol and lipid order at the outer leaflet of biomembranes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 4907-4916, 2010 – IF 11.01

A. KULAKOWSKA, P. JURKIEWICZ, J. SYKORA, A. BENDA, Y. MELY & M. HOF. Fluorescence lifetime tuning - a novel approach to study flip-flop kinetics in supported phospholipid bilayers. J. Fluoresc. 20, 563-569, 2010 – IF 1.77

J. LEONARD, D. SHARMA, B. SZAFAROWICZ, K. TORGASIN & S. HAACKE. Formation dynamics and nature of tryptophan’s primary photoproduct in aqueous solution. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12, 15744-15750, 2010 – IF 4.02

C. MORRIS, B. SZCZUPAK, A.S. KLYMCHENKO & A.G. RYDER. Study of water adsorption in poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) thin films using fluorescence emission of 3-hydroxyflavone probes. Macromolecules 43, 9488-9494, 2010 – IF 5.53

S. ONCUL, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, O.A. KUCHERAK, A.P. DEMCHENKO, S. MARTIN, M. DONTENWILL, Y. ARNTZ, P. DIDIER, G. DUPORTAIL & Y. MELY. Liquid ordered phase in cell membranes evidenced by a hydration-sensitive probe : effects of cholesterol depletion and apoptosis. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembr. 1798, 1436-1443, 2010 – IF 3.80

C. PANNECOUQUE, B. SZAFAROWICZ, N. VOLKOVA, V. BAKULEV, W. DEHAEN, Y. MELY & D. DAELEMANS. Inhibition of the HIV-1 replication by a bis-thiadiazolbenzene-1,2-diamine that chelates the zinc ions from the retroviral nucleocapsid zinc fingers. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 54, 1461-1468, 2010 – IF 4.60

L. RICHERT, F. VARIOLA, F. ROSEI, J. WUEST & A. NANCI. Adsorption of proteins on nanoporous Ti surfaces. Surf. Sci. 604, 1445-1451, 2010 – IF 1.88

Y. ROCHE, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, P. GERBEAU-PISSOT, P. GERVAIS, Y. MELY, F. SIMON-PLAS & J.M. PERRIER-CORNET. Behavior of plant plasma membranes under hydrostatic pressure as monitored by fluorescent environment-sensitive probes. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembr. 1798, 1601-1607, 2010 – IF 3.80

Y. SATO, N. RAMALANJAONA, T. HUET, N. POTIER, J. OSZ, P. ANTONY, C. PELUSO-ILTIS, P. POUSSIN-COURMONTAGNE, E. ENNIFAR, Y. MELY, A. DEJAEGERE, D. MORAS & N. ROCHEL. The “phantom effect” of the rexinoid LG100754 : structural and functional insights. PLoS ONE 5, e15119, 2010 – IF 4.01

G. SCHUMANN, F. CANALIAS, P.J. JØRGENSEN, D. KANG, J.M. LESSINGER & R. KLAUKE. IFCC reference procedures for catalytic concentration measurement of enzymes : corrigendum, notes and useful advice. Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. 48, 615-621, 2010 – IF 2.53

K.K. SHARMA, P. DIDIER, J.L. DARLIX, H. de ROCQUIGNY, H. BENSIKADDOUR, J.P. LAVERGNE, F. PENIN, J.M. LESSINGER & Y. MELY. Kinetic analysis of the nucleic acid chaperone activity of the hepatitis C- virus core protein. Nucleic Acids Res. 38, 3632-3642, 2010 – IF 8.38

B. SZCZUPAK, A.G. RYDER, D.M. TOGASHI, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, Y.A. ROCHEV, A. GORELOV & T.J. GLYNN. Polarity assessment of thermoresponsive poly(NIPAM-co-NtBA) copolymer films using fluorescence methods. J. Fluoresc. 20, 719-731, 2010 – IF 1.77

B. TOUSSAINT, H. EMONS, H.G. SCHIMMEL, S. BOSSERT-REUTHER, F. CANALIAS, F. CERIOTTI, G. FERARD, C.A. FERRERO, P.F.H. FRANCK, F.J. GELLA, J. HENNY, P.J. JØRGENSEN, R. KLAUKE, J.M. LESSINGER, D. MAZZIOTTA, M. PANTEGHINI, S. UEDA & G. SCHUMANN. Traceability of values for catalytic activity concentration of enzymes : a certified reference material for aspartate transaminase. Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. 48, 795-803, 2010 – IF 2.53

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