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Publication 2009

16 février 2012

S.V. AVILOV, J. GODET, E. PIEMONT & Y. MELY. Site-specific characterization of HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein binding to oligonucleotides with two binding sites. Biochemistry 48, 2422-2430, 2009 – IF 3.15

M.D. BILOKIN, V.V. SHVADCHAK, D.A. YUSHCHENKO, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, G. DUPORTAIL, Y. MELY & V.G. PIVOVARENKO. 3-Hydroxybenzo[g]quinolones : dyes with red-shifted absorption and highly resolved dual emission. Tetrahedron Lett. 50, 4714-4719, 2009 – IF 2.48

M.D. BILOKIN, V.V. SHVADCHAK, D.A. YUSHCHENKO, G. DUPORTAIL, Y. MELY & V.G. PIVOVARENKO. Dual-fluorescence probe of environment basicity (hydrogen bond accepting ability) displaying no sensitivity to polarity. J. Fluoresc. 19, 545-553, 2009 – IF 2.22

C. BOUDIER, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, Y. MELY & A. FOLLENIUS-WUND. Local environment perturbations in alpha1-antitrypsin monitored by a ratiometric fluorescent label. Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 8, 814-821, 2009 – IF 2.50

S. BOUSSAA, A. BOUMEZZOUGH, B. SIBOLD, C. ALVES-PIRES, F. MORILLAS MARQUEZ, N. GLASSER & B. PESSON. Phlebotomine sandflies (Diptera : Psychodidae) of the genus Sergentomyia in Marrakech region, Morocco. Parasitol. Res. 104, 1027-1033, 2009 – IF 1.72

R. DAS, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, G. DUPORTAIL & Y. MELY. Unusually slow proton transfer dynamics of a 3-hydroxychromone dye in protic solvents. Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 8, 1583-1589, 2009 – IF 2.50

A.P. DEMCHENKO, Y. MELY, G. DUPORTAIL & A.S. KLYMCHENKO. Monitoring biophysical properties of lipid membranes by environment-sensitive fluorescent probes. Biophys. J. 96, 3461-3470, 2009 – IF 4.69

P. DIDIER, J. GODET & Y. MELY. Two-photon two-focus fluorescence correlation spectroscopy with a tunable distance between the excitation volumes. J. Fluoresc. 19, 561-565, 2009 – IF 2.22

P. DIDIER, G. ULRICH, Y. MELY & R. ZIESSEL. Improved push-pull-push E-Bodipy fluorophores for two-photon cell-imaging. Org. Biomol. Chem. 7, 3639-3642, 2009 – IF 3.32

A. HAYEK, F. BOLZE, C. BOURGOGNE, P.L. BALDECK, P. DIDIER, Y. ARNTZ, Y. MELY & J.F. NICOUD. Boron containing two-photon absorbing chromophores. 2. Fine tuning of the one- and two-photon photophysical properties of pyrazabole based fluorescent bio-probes. Inorg. Chem. 48, 9112-9119, 2009 – IF 4.43

B. ILIEN, N. GLASSER, J.P. CLAMME, P. DIDIER, E. PIEMONT, R. CHINNAPPAN, S.B. DAVAL, J.L. GALZI & Y. MELY. Pirenzepine promotes the dimerization of muscarinic M1 receptors through a three-step binding process. J. Biol. Chem. 284, 19533-19543, 2009 – IF 5.50

D. JULIEN-DAVID, S. ENNAHAR, M. MIESCH, P. GEOFFROY, F. RAUL, D. AOUDE-WERNER, J.M. LESSINGER & E. MARCHIONI. Effects of oxidation on the hydrolysis by cholesterol esterase of sitosteryl esters as compared to a cholesteryl ester. Steroids 74, 832-836, 2009 – IF 2.63

A.S. KLYMCHENKO, S. ONCUL, P. DIDIER, E. SCHAUB, L. BAGATOLLI, G. DUPORTAIL & Y. MELY. Visualization of lipid domains in giant unilamellar vesicles using an environment-sensitive membrane probe based on 3-hydroxyflavone. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembr. 1788, 495-499, 2009 – IF 4.49

A. SCHMITT, N. GLASSER, D. STEINBACH & O. MEUNIER. Études expérimentales de l’effet rémanent d’un détergent désinfectant pour surfaces sur une souche d’Escherichia coli. Pathol. Biol. 57, 463-469, 2009 – IF 1.00

V.V. SHVADCHAK, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, H. de ROCQUIGNY & Y. MELY. Sensing peptide-oligonucleotide interactions by a two-color fluorescence label : application to the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein. Nucleic Acids Res. 37, e25, 2009 – IF 7.31

V. SHVADCHAK, S. SANGLIER, S. ROCLE, P. VILLA, J. HAIECH, M. HIBERT, A. VAN DORSSELAER, Y. MELY & H. de ROCQUIGNY. Identification by high throughput screening of small compounds inhibiting the nucleic acid destabilization activity of the HIV-1nucleocapsid protein. Biochimie 91, 916-923, 2009 – IF 3.73

F.X. SIMON, T.T.T. NGUYEN, M. SCHMUTZ, G. DECHER, J.F. NICOUD & P.J. MESINI. Nitrochalcones as organogelators  : evidence of the involvement of nitro groups and solvent in gel formation. New J. Chem. 33, 2028-2033, 2009 – IF 2.79

M. SPADAFORA, V.Y. POSTUPALENKO, V.V. SHVADCHAK, A.S. KLYMCHENKO, Y. MELY, A. BURGER & R. BENHIDA. Efficient synthesis of ratiometric fluorescent nucleosides featuring 3-hydroxychromone nucleobases. Tetrahedron 65, 7809-7816, 2009 – IF 2.98

F. VARIOLA, F. VETRONE, L. RICHERT, P. JEDRZEJOWSKI, J.H. YI, S. ZALZAL, S. CLAIR, A. SARKISSIAN, D.F. PEREPICHKA, J.D. WUEST, F. ROSEI & A. NANCI. Improving biocompatibility of implantable metals by nanoscale modification of surfaces : an overview of strategies, fabrication methods, and challenges. Small 5, 996-1006, 2009 – IF 8.05