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Publication 2007

16 février 2012

C. BRONNER, T. CHATAIGNEAU, V.B. SCHINI-KERTH & Y. LANDRY. The « Epigenetic Code Replication Machinery », ECREM : a promising drugable target of the epigenetic cell memory. Curr. Med. Chem. 14, 2629-2641, 2007 – IF 4.96

M. CHAABI, C. ANTHEAUME, B. WENIGER, H. JUSTINIANO, C. LUGNIER & A. LOBSTEIN. Biflavones of Decussocarpus rospigliosii as phosphodiesterases inhibitors. Planta Med. 73, 1284-1286, 2007 – IF 2.31

J.G. GOETZ, H. GENTY, P. ST-PIERRE, T. DANG, B. JOSHI, R. SAUVE, W. VOGL & I.R. NABI. Reversible interactions between smooth domains of the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria are regulated by physiological cytosolic Ca2+ levels. J. Cell Sci. 120, 3553-3564, 2007 – IF 6.73

P.J. HAMARD, M. BOYER-GUITTAUT, B. CAMUZEAUX, D. DUJARDIN, C. HAUSS, T. OELGESHLAGER, M. VIGNERON, C. KEDINGER & B. CHATTON. Sumoylation delays the ATF7 transcription factor subcellular localization and inhibits its transcriptional activity. Nucleic Acids Res. 35, 1134-1144, 2007 – IF 7.31

P. LAJOIE, E.A. PARTRIDGE, G. GUAY, J.G. GOETZ, J. PAWLING, A. LAGANA, B. JOSHI, J.W. DENNIS & I.R. NABI. Plasma membrane domain organization regulates EGFR signaling in tumor cells. J. Cell Biol. 179, 341-356, 2007 – IF 10.12

E.L. MAILLET, N. PELLEGRINI, C. VALANT, B. BUCHER, M. HIBERT, J.J. BOURGUIGNON & J.L. GALZI. A novel, conformation-specific allosteric inhibitor of the tachykinin NK2 receptor (NK2R) with functionally selective properties. FASEB J. 21, 2124-2134, 2007 – IF 7.20

S. NSAIBIA, S. WAGNER, P. RONDE, J.M. WARTER, P. POINDRON, M. AOUNI & O.M. DORCHIES. The difficult-to-cultivate coxsackieviruses A can productively multiply in primary culture of mouse skeletal muscle. Virus Res. 123, 30-39, 2007 – IF 2.85

A.W. PFAFF, A. ABOU-BACAR, V. LETSCHER-BR, O. VILLARD, A. SENEGAS, M. MOUSLI, E. CANDOLFI. Cellular and molecular physiopathology of congenital toxoplasmosis : the dual role of IFN-gamma. Parasitology 134, 1895-1902, 2007 – IF 2.53

D.C. PHILLIPS, S. MARTIN, B.T. DOYLE & J.A. HOUGHTON. Sphingosine-induced apoptosis in rhabdomyosarcoma cell lines is dependent on pre-mitochondrial Bax activation and post-mitochondrial caspases. Cancer Res. 67, 756-764, 2007 – IF 8.44